There's an abundance of maneuvers you can perform using our world-renowned pogo sticks, ranging from fundamental techniques like no handers and peg grabs, to the more advanced feats like flipping over cars and executing grinds down 20 stair sets. Similar to any action sport, mastering tricks is the essence of the pogo experience. Pushing the boundaries always brings about a rush of exhilaration and anticipation, as long as you avoid injuries along the way. When it comes to attempting a novel trick, the professionals have already surmounted the challenging aspects: conceiving the idea and then venturing out to meticulously decipher the precise execution.

Comprehending the mechanics of a trick constitutes a significant portion of the endeavor in successfully accomplishing it. And we're not referring to merely watching someone else perform it and then attempting to replicate it independently. We're discussing a method where the trick is deconstructed into distinct steps that you can follow, practice in a secure manner to minimize avoidable injuries, and also learn how to make a controlled exit when faced with complications. These instructional videos provide an ideal pathway to elevate your pogo skills, and Xpogo has arranged them as a progressive series for you to advance through. This journey starts from the basics and gradually leads to conquering the most challenging maneuvers in the realm. Prior to embarking on your personal trick attempts, take some time to watch these videos – the payoff will undoubtedly be worth it!